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All Children Flourishing: The Nurtured Heart Approach

A workshop for educators, parents, and professionals who work and interact with children and young adults.

Are you weighed down by the high demands of teaching, treating, raising or caring for children with challenging behaviors—those who seem unable to manage their strong impulses and emotions? Are you tired of power struggles, defiant and intense behavior or angry outburst? Do you desire an approach that transforms difficult behaviors and builds a child’s sense of inner worth? Learn an approach that really works to turn around undesirable behaviors. This approach shifts relationships from a pattern of conflict and negativity to one of connectedness and positivity, creating peaceful family dynamics and positive classroom and school environments.

This workshop explores the concepts and strategies of the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA). The NHA, initially created to help families with their challenging and difficult children, is a set of very effective and uncomplicated strategies for building social and emotional learning. This approach, based on creating positive relationships, empowers parents, teachers, and all who work with children, to become the agent of change in transforming their challenging behaviors. This approach encourages cooperative and respectful responses in children, increasing their sense of inner worth, and promoting resiliency. Through this approach, ALL Children Flourish!

Workshop Objectives

· Learn what current data reveals about children with challenging behaviors.

· Gain insight to the importance of social and emotional learning as it relates to a child’s success in school and life.

· Understand the role relationship plays in reinforcing both positive and negative behaviors.

· Learn why traditional behavior management strategies tend to backfire when applied to children with challenging behaviors.

· Realize that a child’s intensity is a gift.

· Understand the importance of inner worth and how it supports resiliency.

· Learn the underpinnings of the approach through the Three Stands.

· Discover simple and effective strategies to support the Stands to help children transform their negative behavior patterns.

· Recognize that parents and teachers can be the agent of change, helping children overcome social and emotional challenges.

· Understand that ALL Children Flourish through this approach.