What is the Nurtured Heart Approach®?

The Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) was developed by Howard Glasser, psychotherapist, founder of the Children's Success Foundation*, and author of many books including the best-seller, Transforming the Difficult Child.  This therapeutic, parent and teaching method was initially created to help families with their difficult, intense, and challenging children, children who were not being helped by any other means. Today it has evolved into an approach in which ALL children flourish!

The NHA is a set of techniques and strategies used to create connected relationships by giving energized, heartfelt responses to children and young adults' positive behaviors and successes. 

The NHA is designed to foster each individual's qualities of character, spirit, and greatness.  As individuals come to recognize their self-worth through their successes, they become rich with inner wealth and act in great ways!

The Methodology...

The proven methodology of the NHA, creates healthy, connected and positive relationships which research shows are key to fostering successful kids socially, emotionally, and academically.

Even the most intense child is capable of shifting their negative behavior patterns when the right interactive techniques are implemented.  Through positive relationships, children and young adults achieve their greatest potential.

The NHA is based on teaching in the moment, and acknowledging the truth of an individual's successes.  It is founded on 3 Stands™. (1) Absolutely No! Refusing to give energetic relationship to negative behavior, (2) Absolutely Yes! Relentlessly bestowing relationship by recognizing positive behavior, and (3) Absolute Clarity!  Being very clear and consistent with rules and boundaries.

Inner Wealth...

Inner wealth is the greatness inside a person that gives them the strength and wisdom to use good judgment, make the right choices, cope with problems and strong emotions, choose good friends, be adaptable, flexible and resilient, take risks, and find courage... without warnings, lectures or other tactics... because this is who you are!

"Self-worth comes from one thing--thinking you are worthy."  ~Wayne Dyer

"One's belief in their worthiness will grow exponentially when they are recognized as being worthy."  ~Pat
*To learn more about Howard Glasser and the Children's Success Foundation go to www.childrenssuccessfoundation.com